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Antigua's West Coast

Come join us explore the sites of Antigua's West Coast.  We have no set itineraries, but will design an individual one for your day - may it be snorkeling, beach stops or fishing - we got you covered.

Checkout some of the different activities to do along our beautiful coastline.

Cades Reef

At Cades, enjoy the warm clear waters of the Caribbean, while discovering local marine life and the coral reef.

Snorkeling the crystal-clear waters of Antigua


These fishing trips stay in our calmer, shallow waters along the coastline and are ideal for beginners, families, and the casual fisherman looking to catch a few fish while enjoying a beautiful day.

Catching fish in the Caribbean


One popular spot is Fort Barrington, built in 1779, atop Goat Hill to protect the entrance to St. John's Harbour.  There is a steep climb to get up to the fort, but the views are well worth the hike.

Gorgeous sites and views of Antigua

Sunset Rides

The sunsets are beautiful in Antigua, but even better cruising along the coastline while enjoying a drink and listening to your favorite music.

Catching a beautiful sunset in the Caribbean

The boats have comfortable seating for up to 10-12 guests, snorkeling gear, life vests and an open cooler with a variety of drinks.

Since our excursions are custom tailored to your needs, please contact us by phoneemail or complete the contact form under the "contact" tab to discuss the details of booking your tour.

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