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My focus remains on the health and safety of our guests, including the well being of my crew.

All our tours are  private (it’s just you and your partner/family/friends) and our activities occur outside where we rarely encounter other people.


We have always cleaned and disinfected our boat and gear thoroughly after every tour, and have hand sanitizer available to use at all times (just check out reviews that mention how clean our boat is!).

  • OUR BOAT:  after every tour we wash down the boat with soap and bleach, then disinfect all surfaces.

  • SNORKELING GEAR:  after every use we sanitize the gear with an alcohol solution, then soak and wash with soap and  fresh water.  You are always welcome to bring your own snorkel gear to use.  Note: it is not environmentally friendly or cost effective to supply everyone with their own personal snorkeling gear.

  • FISHING GEAR:  after every tour we wash down our rods and reels with soap and water (to protect from salt water residue), we will now add spraying the rods with alcohol for yours and our continued protection.

Our tours are customized by you, so please let us know if there is anything you may want done to make your adventure with us healthy and safe!

Sun Sea and Safe Certified
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